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Frequencies Studio Optional Extras
Social Media Boost

With many people competing for attention on social media, attracting a large audience for your live stream can be difficult. Unless you have a large online following already, we suggest you purchase a 'Social Media Boost' package from us when booking a studio session through the online booking system.. We will spend the amount you select here on a custom promotion for your content. You can select multiple options to add any amount from $5 to $35 to your booking.

White Label Live Streaming and/or Video recording

Our standard studio hire will have our logo watermarked on any of the live streams or video recordings you do in the studio. We may also use your video recording as promotion for our own promotional purposes. This helps us grow our brand and keep prices as low as possible. If you'd prefer to have your live stream or video recording free of our logo, and keep any video recording for your exclusive use only, please select this add on when booking a studio session.

Audio Engineer

The standard studio hire is offered as a DIY studio space where we assist with equipment setup, live streaming, and video recording, but any content creation and equipment operation is the responsibility of the person or persons hiring the studio. If you require assistance with any audio engineering tasks i.e. recording, production, mixing etc, we suggest you either bring your own Engineer, or get in touch with us before booking with your requirements, and we can assist you to find an industry professional to accompany you during your booking.

Advanced or Beginner DJ Lesson

Our 2 or 4 hour beginner DJ lessons are designed for complete newcomers to DJing, or those with limited experience using DJ equipment. The lessons are also suitable for someone who needs some assistance to transition from using a controller setup to using CDJs. To book a Beginner DJ Lesson, select the "DJ Lessons" category from the initial screen of the online booking system.

Advanced DJ Lessons are offered as a tailored product so we can ensure the correct tutor can be found to meet your requirements. Please get in touch with us with details of your requirements, and we can then source a suitable tutor from within our network of industry connections, and get back to you with a quote and availability.